Kind of bored…

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Just for LULz

A few years ago, there was a show on MTV, in which a couple of guys were going out on the streets and offering random strangers to do crazy stuff for money. For example, they give you $50 and you have to eat a cockroach, or pour mayonnaise on your hair.

Well, the mayonnaise thing isn’t that mad, I would be able to do it for free, with pleasure. But what about some truly hardcore stuff, I’m just wondering? For how much would you be able to jump off Victoria Bridge? Or buy 30 ice-creams at McDonald’s (50 cents each), eat them all, vomit in a jar, and then eat your puke again? Would you say “no” to this if somebody offers you $7000? That would be an interesting thing to test one day…

Also, as some of you might remember, there was an episode in South Park (season 4, episode 15), in which poor Kenny was doing crazy stuff for money. He was pretending to kill newborn babies on the eyes of their mothers, he was washing his hair with H2SO4, and, eventually, he got arrested for prostitution after performing a blowjob to a radio show host for $15.

I don’t think that we would ever come down to offering you $15 for a blowjob (because I know that some of you, my dear friends, would not only do it for free, but even pay for such opportunity), but I was thinking of something less extreme and more hilarious. Would you be able, for instance, to wear a paper bag from McDonald’s on your head, walk to a random strangers on the street and ask them to have sex with you, right here, right now? I would die to see their reaction to such offer! Would definitely get someone drunk enough to do it during these holidays, for the sake of fun.


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