My secret dirt folder.

Posted: November 19, 2010 in ChDV's life, Just for LULz
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Been going through some old school photos and photos taken earlier this year. Found lots and lots of compromising material on people who were unlucky enough to be around the author of these lines when I had my good old Olympus E-510  on me. Have I ever told you about my secret desire of creating a Facebook album titled as “People Eating” and uploading to it the most hardcore close-up pictures of people smelling, biting, chewing and swallowing different consumable substances? No? Well, wait before I’ll be bored enough to do so…

But for now, I want to dig up some dirt on me. When you watch the photos, keep in mind that I might have pictures of you that can be 5 times more embarrassing than these, so beware.

Now, watch this:


Here are some more highly embarrassing pictures of me from my personal collection:

Well, actually, this isn’t that embarrassing…. sorry, wrong picture…

This is me exited.

And this is me calm and with goatee (which I didn’t miss).


I might have something way more embarrassing on YOU, you never know. Tremble in fear and be aware that one day you can end up in my dirt-folder, being seen by all Facebook…. just like this random drunk guy whom I filmed last night:


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