Posted: November 23, 2010 in Internet, Rants

I f*cking hate when somebody mentions a thing in his/her blog post or Facebook status update, and the next thing you see is how someone comments with a question: “What (the f*ck) is that?”!!!!!

There should be an International law requiring a punishment for such action, by switching that enquirer off the Interned and making him crawl on his/her knees to Silicon Valley, California, where Google’s Googleplex is located. From there, he/she should be redirected to Radmond, Washington (Microsoft’s headquarters), to beg them for a Bing guide!!!!

The only excuse for “WTF is that?”-question is a circumstance when the thing mentioned in the post is actually someone’s toy, whose owner made it from his own excrements on the backyard when he was 3, or if the enquirer has an elbow instead of brain! Judging by the frequency of that question, this is a very common congenital disorder!


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