My Japanese Dream.

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Animals, Just for LULz, Movies

The time was 3 am, I was reading some random stuff on Wikipedia, intending to go to sleep in the next 5 minutes. Suddenly, I received a message in Skype from my old Russian friend saying: “Hey, dude, check this out [gives me a link to YouTube video]”.

I regret that I followed that link and watched the scene. I couldn’t sleep for another 5 hours after seeing what I saw….

Well, first of all, I recommend you to watch this trailer:

Now, watch this scene.

This has completely changed my world vision over one night. I’m now fulfilled with love to Japan and its modern culture! I’m converting myself into a complete Japanophile. From now on, my life will be driven by an ultimate goal of watching ALL Godzillas, anime and hentai! I’m going to learn their language, I’m going to acquire a deep understanding of their traditions! The decision has been made! Screw Uni! I’m moving to Japan!

For the first couple of years I will circulate withing the Japanese underworld, working as a delivery boy for Yakuza, and crushing my opponents in underground sumo matches, earning money and respect.

After years in sumo, when the respect will be high enough, I will go into politics, with the members of Yakuza covering my back, and try to become the first non-Japanese Mikado, the Emperor of Japan. After I succeed, I will carry out a number of political reforms and revolutions, after which I will become the ultimate ruler of Japan, as Mikado should be.

I will invest more into Science, particularly in genetic engineering  and cybernetics, so I could build an army consisting entirely of giant robots and giant monsters, to take over the World! So my old dream would finally come true!

I know, the way will be difficult and challenging, but I believe in myself. I believe that I’m cool, and only through coolness I’ll pursuit my awesomeness in order to become the ultimate ruler of this World! May the Force be with me!

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