Ordinary Sayings by Famous People.

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Just for LULz

There are lots of quotes compilations nowadays, such as “Great Sayings by Grate People”, “Famous Quotes by Famous People”, etc. You can find them everywhere in all imaginable forms: books, booklets, on the Internet, from simple web-pages to sophisticated online databases with complex php and integrated wiki.

I think that someone should release “Ordinary Sayings by Great People”, so it would look like this:

“It is a bit cold today.” – Socrates, addressing to his students.

“I really like the way they’ve cooked this sheep. I’ll take another leg” – Genghis Khan.

“I’ll get someone to clean and feed this horse when we arrive in Rome. We are only 2 hours away” – Julius Caesar.

“I just bought 6 new feathers to write with” – Christopher Columbus.

“No, I already looked in the kitchen.” – Charles Darwin.

“Yes, indeed, I can feel the airflow. Perhaps, there is a window opened somewhere.” – President Franklin Roosevelt before inauguration, 1933.

“No, thanks, Steve. I’m already full.” – Bill Gates on donuts.

“Take the second left here and follow that road” – Mark Zuckerberg giving the instructions to a taxi driver, 2002.

And so on….

Also, when I was walking home last night, I saw a puddle. I thought it was funny so I took a picture with my cell phone camera:


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