URGENT: I just made the biggest discovery of the XXI century!

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Just for LULz

This morning I did something amazingly surprising while pulling apart my dead iPod nano. By doing some simple manipulations over electronic components and playing with its inbuilt radio-receiver, I accidentally invented a device that allows to extract energy from surrounding space.

It’s so genius and, yet, so simple! Why didn’t people think about it before? All you need is just an iPod nano (5th generation, colour doesn’t matter), an AAA-battery, a dry slice of lemon and an joukght. That’s it! An iPod nano, an AAA-battery, a dry lemon and an joukght!!! And it can literally pull energy out of air!

For the last 3.5 hours I’ve been using this device to power my laptop, 2 desktops, our TV, Xbox 360 and refrigerator. It works perfectly!

I already have an idea of a tiny modification to this device, after which it will be able to serve as a Wi-Fi hot-spot, creating unimaginably fast wireless networks capable of handling petabits (!) of traffic every second! The speed, at which information is sent/received, will only be constricted by limitations of computer’s hardware!

That’s so groundbreaking!

The idea, the main principle behind my new invention is…….. wait….. … what the hell is this minivan doing in our back yard?

*puts a shirt on (yeah… I was topless while writing all the lines above) and goes to check the minivan*

WTF!?!?!?!? NO!!! They are here!!! They are here TO GET ME!!! NO-No-no! Somebody, call the police! They are now dragging me away!!! Noo!!! Helpewdgf  346ty 39  sgh ll hl shglsh 8we ty8&*T BTYITGjj40 kk,


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