The Facebook movie.

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Movies, Music

I think I was the last interested person on Earth who watched The Social Network this Thursday.

The film is a drama based on a biography book that describes the life of Mark Zuckerberg during the creation of Facebook, which is a site, where, apparently, you can register, upload your pictures, connect with your old friends, find people of the same interests, share information with them, and stuff like that.

For those of you, who have been living in a bunker for the last 8 months, here is a trailer.

I really liked this movie. The actors’ performance, all the dialogs and all the small and funny details (such as on Zuckerberg’s laptop at the very beginning), all of these together comes down to a very strong atmosphere that sucks you in from the very first few minutes of this film. Even though the story itself isn’t as interesting as the story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, your realization that all the events showed happened recently, just a few years ago, adds a certain effect.

After watching this movie, I remembered an old Russian joke that I was told back at school by my friends.

A conversation between two gynaecologists:

– You know, I had this patient yesterday. Her clitoris was like a pickle.

– What do you mean? Like, green?

– No. Salty.

What does this joke have to do with the movie? Nothing. I just thought of it. Well, anyway….

Even though the film is described as bibliography drama, there are certain inaccuracies that should be considered as significant. Here is what Zuckerberg himself has to say about The Social Network:

Another goof was in the club scene. The track that they play in there is called “The Soubd of Violonce” and it was released by Dennis de Laat in 2008, therefore it couldn’t be played in 2003, when the action is set. And it’s kind of creepy that I was able to recognize this random house/trance song while sitting in the cinema. To be honest, I never realized how awesome this song is, until I heard it in this scene. I immediately switched all my attention to it, and it was hard for me to listen to conversation between the characters afterwards. I LOVE ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC, and I have some classical conditioning related to it! Whenever I hear a good house/trance/electro song, my heartbeat raises and I start sweating. That’s not a joke, my friends, I’m being 100% serious now.

The Soubd of Violonce is one mad summer tune! I bet it was played in every single club in Ibiza two years ago.

To sum up: The Social Network is an awesome movie! Go and watch it, if you haven’t seen it yet.

P. S. Here is an awesome parody that mocks Twitter.


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