A cry-out.

Posted: November 28, 2010 in ChDV's life

I haven’t seen anyone “decently” since… mmmm… can’t even remember when was the last time I actually spend some time with other people (apart from my family… and coworkers), talking about stuff, doing crazy things, etc.

Well, yeah, my manager have been placing me on Friday’s and Saturday’s night shifts for the last 3 weeks, or so. That’s a good excuse. But…. I had plenty of time in between these annoying work-shifts. I wrote my last Uni-exam almost two weeks ago, and I haven’t spoke to anyone in real life since then (apart from Joshua Kelly, into whom I run a few days ago at South Bank…. and it was only, like, for 10 minutes, because I was in hurry).

I’m an extrovert (according to numerous personality tests that I’ve completed in the last semester, as a part of my research participation program for Psychology subjects), I need some interaction with people, around whom I enjoy to be.

Of course, I can turn my nerd/geek side on for a few weeks and go deep into reading about history, animals, technology, maybe learn a few web-design tricks, acquire skills in certain fields, but I can function in such state only for a few weeks. After that, I always start to have frequent mood swings, frequently feeling blue and even depressed.

It’s fucking Holidays, for god’s sake! I suppose to be seeing people, designing and organizing flashmobs, getting drunk and doing all kinds of fun stuff! Instead, I’m either spending all my days at home reading/writing, going to bed no earlier than 4 am and waking up at 1 pm, or getting burns at work. And, yeah, also I’m doing 8-13 km jogs sometimes. That’s it! I’m a dork!

I feel like I’m getting insane.

People, I need to go out!!! I FUCKING NEED TO GO OUT!!!! DRAG ME OUT OF HERE!!!

P. S. Any smart person, in my situation, would take the initiative and organize something that he/she could invite people to, but I’m already too weak for that…… I place all my hope on you, my dear readers.


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