Posted: November 28, 2010 in Internet, Just for LULz, Rants, Technology

All these shortenings and acronyms that people use to communicate on the Internet and via SMS – they can be so annoying sometimes. There is only a few that I like, such as WTF, FML, LOL, RTFM (read the f*cking manual), JFGI (just f*cking google it) and… mmm… that’s it. I strongly dislike all the other acronyms, because I find them stupid and totally unnecessary. TMTH, for example. Why can’t you just say “too much to handle”!? Do people still consider it to be cool nowadays!? Well, I mean, come on! It’s almost 2010’s, we have gigabytes of internet traffic and decent keyboards to type on! This kind of language isn’t cool or geeky anymore! It’s retarded!!!!!

Well, anyway…

Many people are still using those abbreviations, shortenings and acronyms, there is nothing I can do about it…

Hmmmm… I think I should try to create my own acronyms that people may find useful one day.

OK. These are the acronyms that we all should use in SMS and IM.

  • DTPWAIRLTC – dude, the party was awesome, I really liked the cake
  • NIDNSYFG – no, I did not stole your f*cking goat
  • DFTBSC – don’t forget to buy some chips
  • MMUTB – meet me under the bridge
  • IMSLFTHMWWYT – I’m so looking forward to have my way with you tonight
  • ARCMJSMBT – a random crazy monkey just stole my bus ticket
  • MPASFD – my pupils are so f*cking dilated
  • MCHY – my cat hates you
  • MFIHBP – my face is hijacked by pimples
  • CBHPDMO – Chinese band of hipsters playing death metal outside
  • GMTJIAWM – got my tongue jammed in a washing machine
  • WDYHUIWJATBBOTWG – why did you hung up? it was just a tree brunch bouncing off the window glass
  • YFFFFCIFHYYLMFP – I don’t like you much
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