Mind Control and General Ethics.

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Just for LULz

Imagine this situation: You walk across the street on a sunny day and a giant penguin stops you. He tells you that you have schizophrenia. “You have weird delusions” – he says – “You’re seeing hallucinations!” he says.

You’re, obviously, thunderstruck by such news. Your mind is slowly processing this information. You’re starting to stress. You don’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, the giant penguin keeps enlightening you about your new condition: “Did you know that they won’t press any normal charges against you if you would’ve done something unlawful? People with schizophrenia are considered to be the people with special needs. They won’t send you to jail, because you have no intensional control over your actions”.

You don’t believe him. As a proof, the penguin offers you to burn down the emo clothing shop that happened to be on the street’s corner. You agree to do so, as you want to test the penguin’s statement, and you were tempted to do so (burn the shop down) anyway.

You do it. The shop is gone.

During the following investigation it is revealed that the giant penguin was actually the owner of the goth closing shop from the opposite corner of that street, whose profits were down because of all these emo-trends lately, plus his girlfriend (who also converted herself into emo) has left him a few weeks ago, because she didn’t share his view on the world anymore, so he dressed himself up in a giant penguin costume and started to persuade people to do the dirty work in order to take his revenge.

Congratulations. You’ve been manipulated!

As a moral: Never attempt to do any unlawful actions, even if you think that you wouldn’t get punished. Be a good person.


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