My recent trauma.

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Rants, Technology

I had an urge to clean up my old HTC Touch Pro2, delete all the SMS history, all the contacts, and give it a good reset.

It was painful to turn this device on after a few months of using an iPhone 4. I hated the handset before, but now it looks especially bad. The smartphone had Windows Mobile 6.1 preinstalled on it, and I was lazy enough to leave it like that. The classic Windows Mobile OS (e. g. every single version up to 6.5) has a reputation of being nothing but a piece of shit that is unable to do even the simplest, most trivial stuff without giving you unbearable headaches. The original system was developed back in the early 2000’s (or even in the late 1990’s, can’t remember now), when Microsoft had this idea of brining the entire PC experience on smartphones as it is. They weren’t wise enough back then to figure out that it’s impossible to have the same efficiency on handheld devices if using a desktop operating system. I mean, you have to have a mouse and a large screen to normally work in an environmental like that, therefore the “Start” button and all these small windows with pop-ups on a phone is nothing but ugliness, in terms of both aesthetics and efficiency.

Microsoft was lazy enough to leave the concept untouched until recently. So, for almost 10 years, the corporation was feeding its mobile customers with a bunch of junk, completely ignoring all the action on the smartphone market. So, up until Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft had the most pathetic and unpractical smartphone OS you can ever imagine. People say that Windows Phone 7 devices are better, but it still needs some work in order to catch up with iOS and Android…

Well, back to the HTC Touch Pro2. I HATE IT! It’s thick! It’s heavy! It doesn’t have a decent mp-3 player (the inbuilt Windows Media Player shuts down every time you lock the screen!), the touch screen is pathetic (and the small stick doesn’t always help), the OS lags like a yeti! The phone takes freaking ages just to turn on!!! The interface is f*cked up! Even the simplest operation, such as saving a contact and sending it an SMS, takes ages to find and conduct! I’ve been using different Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and iPhone models for ages, and they are all simple and efficient enough to allow to do such stuff just in a few “clicks” (taps), without making their user go through a multiple aggregations of useless menus!!!!

So, HTC Touch Pro2 can’t provide you with any cool features THAT WORK PROPERLY (unlike an iPhone, which is almost perfect), and the basic stuff (such as calling people and sending texts) also turns out to be unpleasant and even painful due to all the lags and the Windows Mobile 6 interface that was designed by a monkey. Who the fuck uses WM based HTC’s anyway!?!?!? I just want to know the answer to that question!!!

I now have a mission to talk my aunt out of getting this thing. God help me!


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