In between Photoshop and Paint.

Posted: December 4, 2010 in Just for LULz, Software, Technology

Downloaded and installed GIMP 2.6.11 on my laptop today. It’s a free graphics editor software, which serves as a replacement for Photoshop among those who use free licensed OS’s, such as Linux or FreeBSD, because Adobe doesn’t want to port their programs into such wild environment.

GIMP goes so good for my laptop. It’s lighter than Photoshop, and it takes only a few seconds to load. It’s relatively simple and it’s capable of doing all the basic stuff, like resizing images, cropping, inserting text, etc.

It, obviously, will not replace Photoshop for me completely, as it doesn’t have many functions delivered in a way that I’ve used to work in in Adobe’s software while performing some things, but for the basic stuff it’s just what I need! Way better than Paint! :).

It’s perfect for making rubbish like (de)motivational posters, Advive Dog pictures, and stuff like that :).

I already made 3 Advice Dogs this morning.

Here is the general, banal one.

The second one is more specific to the group of my friends, with whom I will go out to Fortitude Valley tonight.

And the third work can be appreciated only by those who have been doing the first year of B. Speech Pathology at UQ in 2010. :P


Will look into that thing later :)

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