My sleepless Sunday.

Posted: December 6, 2010 in ChDV's life, Music

All the videos in this post are played in the lowest quality possible by default. I still don’t know how to change that. Please make sure that you change it manually to the maximum (or, at least, medium) by clicking on the 240-button in the right-bottom corner of a video and change the value to, at least, 360p.

Yesterday was one crazy day for me! I almost felt like Jack Bauer at one point.

It all started on Saturday night, when I went to Fortitude Valley for the first time in the last 4 weeks. We went to Family Nightclub.

That’s 1:30 am:

Usually I rave for 4-5 hours non-stop, but yesterday I was kind of saving my energy for what I knew was coming. So I didn’t rave like an ecstasy-eater. I was just calmly dancing, making frequent breaks and enjoying the atmosphere.

That’s 4:45 am:

I didn’t go home after that.

I want to skip everything that happened between 5 am and 3 pm. I want to MASSIVELLY thank Conor Mackay for providing me with a free Stereosonic 2010 ticket, and also to mention that I felt kind of frustrated that my iPhone 4 had only 20% of battery power remaining, so I couldn’t film all the exiting things that were happening to me on Sunday, but to save it only for the most important and the most significant (for me, personally) bits. Just like this one (3:45 pm):

The main stage was pretty packed up. It took me an hour to get to the second row, from where I filmed Benny Benassi, the hero of my early teenagehood. It was so hot in there. People covered in sweat were constantly squeezing each other. It was fun, at some point. It was awesome to push and to be pushed, creating a total mess in that area. :)

I got pretty tired after 1.5 hours in that crowd. When I got out, I was completely soaked in water and sweat (not my own).

Benny Benassi just finished his set. I looked at the program brochure and I didn’t believe my eyes: Giuseppe Ottaviani was performing at Cream stage. I run to there.

After messing at the Main stage, Cream felt soooo good. It was relatively calm, with no more than 100 trance nerds enjoying the man’s performance. I really like Giuseppe Ottaviani’s latest works, and he played really AMAZING uplifting trance yesterday!

The time was 5 pm (you have to watch the second part, starts at 2:30.. so beautiful):

After that, I went back to the Main stage and just sat there for 1.5 hours, enjoying Carl Cox’s performance. It was incredible. I wasn’t particularly interested in his discography before, but after sitting through his set, I completely converted myself into his fan.

His tech-house is awesome! And he is also a really funny person to observe. His “Oh yes-yes-yes Brisbane!” pronounced with his accent and intonation could made my day just by itself!

He even played some acid at the end!!!!! I couldn’t recognize the track, but, gosh, it was spectacular!!!

Again, it’s sad that my phone’s battery was almost dead, so I couldn’t film all the exiting moments I lived through.

I went to the Cream stage again, and watched the first 15 minutes of Infected Mushroom, then I went back to the main stage, where Calvin Harris was heating it up.

The last DJ to perform was Tiesto. I already saw him performing this year… Well, as always – Tiesto is GOD!!!!!

I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day (considering that I didn’t have any sleep the night before), but when he started to play his classic tunes, I went completely insane! I was freaking jumping, shaking every single muscle of my body and screaming when I heard Lethal Industry. Then I was struggling to hold the teas when he was playing Silence, a remix that he produced for Delirium in 1999, the work that made him World-famous.

And the last song….

Well, just watch (9:50 pm):


In the next moment, he called other DJ’s on the stage, while the track was still running. Calvin Harris opened a bottle of champaign and pored it all over Tiesto’s mixer, so the music went off at the most exiting part. It took them another 3-4 minutes to turn it back on. The moment was spoiled. But the experience was fun anyway…

I went to the train station. Wrote a Facebook status update, and my phone went dead.

I got home only by 12. Dirty, tired and hungry.

It was the best day of 2010!!! Thank you very much, Conor :)

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