So, what can be wrong with an iPhone 4?

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Technology

I always praise iPhone 4 on Facebook, showing off all of its amazing features. But are there any downsides about this devise? Well… yes, there are. And today I’m going to become as objective as possible and list all of them (from my personal experience, so to speak).

So, iPhone 4 can be hated for:

  1. iTunes – the most annoying piece of software I’ve been ever forced to use. If not the feature that allows you to download podcasts, I would proclaim it the most evil program ever created.
  2. Relatively poor battery life – it only lasts for 5-7 hours of active use, and by “active use” I mean browsing the web via 3G with media-player (“iPod”) playing music on the maximum volume.
  3. Touch-screen is still hardly responding when my fingers are wet or sweaty, which happens quite often when I’m running, especially in a rain, so switching a song becomes a challenging task.
  4. mini-SIM – nuff said.
  5. Issues with a signal – sad, but truth. This problem does exist, even in Australia, where radio frequencies are different from American and European. The problem isn’t that dramatic though.
  6. Undeveloped interface for sending simple text messages. If I have a list of, lets say, 80 people, to whom I send SMS daily, and then, suddenly, I have to reduce the list down to 79, I can’t just remove one person from it, no… I would have to re-select 79 receivers again, which takes ages… Is this issue fixable?
  7. Back to the battery – you can’t change it. That’s what many people consider to be the most important downside of iPhones. You can’t upgrade to a more powerful battery, and your phone goes permanently dead if some water gets in.
  8. Hmmm… no. That’s it, for now.

Also, even though iPhone 4 still has all these issues, you should not forget that its upsides outmatch the downs by 5 times! iPhone 4 is still the best handset on the market today.


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