The sound of my childhood.

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Music

Eurodance – what a wonderful word! A genre that combined the elements of Hip-Hop, techno, house, electro and, sometimes, even trance, became extremely popular in the late 1980’s, from where it continued dominating all the charts of mainstream music up until  mid-1990’s.

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t heard of the bands like  2 Unlimited, Snap!, Hadaway, Dr. Alban, Mr. President, Techotronic and many, many others of such kind.

Many people say that this is what ideal pop-music should be like, and I totally agree. It’s easy to listen to, it’s silly, danceable and it doesn’t annoy you. At all.

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that Eurodance was the first Western type of music that became EXTREMELY popular in Russia and other post-Soviet countries after the fall of USSR. Your could hear “What is Love?” and “Coco Jambo” on every school formal and in every single grocery store. Everyone was copying it on the tapes back then and sharing them amongst their friends.

It was such an amazing time for mainstream music.

Here are some of my favorites.

By the way, before he started working in the music industry, this Swiss guy had his own dentistry practice, so the “Dr.” part in his stage name isn’t just a random title.


Also, this particular track has very little to do with Eurodance. It’s a hard dance remix that was release sometimes in early 2000’s, but it’s super awesome, so I would like to share it anyway :)

Too sad that this era is gone. I dislike 80% of what I can hear on the radio nowadays.

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