F. A. C. T. 2 (mixed by Carl Cox) – sort of review.

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Music

YAY!!! Don’t ask me how, but I found F. A. C. T. 2 (CD), an awesome Techno and House compilation produced by Carl Cox. Straight from 1997.

I wasn’t particularly interested in this black DJ from UK, until recently. I heard a few of his tracks when I was 17, but they didn’t touch my soul much back then. Everything changed on December 5 this year, when I went to Stereosonic 2010.

Carl Cox was the third last DJ to perform at the Main stage, before Calvin Harris and Tiesto. I was absolutely WOWed by his tech-house set. I still can’t forgive myself for killing my phone’s battery on that day, so I couldn’t film him performing. His set was just amazing! Truly an Epic show!

Carl Cox was also the first musician to become the World’s Number One DJ in 1997 (when DJ Mag started running its famous annual Top 100 DJ poll).

So, the compilation, as I already said, was produced in 1997. It consists of 2 CDs.

The track-list consists of songs that I would probably classify as something intermediate between oldschool techno and acid (Chicago) house.

Here is the track-list itself (I put the most winable tracks in bold):


  1. The Mod Wheel – Spirit Catcher
  2. Rob Tissera – Kick Up The Volume (Latin Love Machine Mix)
  3. Josh Wink – Are You There
  4. Electroliners – Loose Caboose (Carl Cox Mix)
  5. Fat Boy Slim – Everyone Needs A 303
  6. Cajmere – Only 4 U (Green Velvet Mix)
  7. Purveyors Of Fine Funk – Hot
  8. Primordial Soup – Computer Talk
  9. Freaky Chakra vs Single Cell Orchestra – I Want To Fall
  10. Carl Cox – Tribal Jedi (Slam Black Drum Mix)
  11. Envoy – Dark Manoevres
  12. Green Velvet – The Stalker (Laidback Luke Mix)
  13. DJ HMC – LSD
  14. Continuous Cool – Manual
  15. Cosmic Messenger – Flash


  1. Death In Vegas – Rocco (Dave Clarke Remix)
  2. DJ Skull – Acid Wiss (L)
  3. Yves Deruyter – Calling Earth
  4. Adam Beyer – Pump
  5. Manual – Beef Situation
  6. Sarcoblast – Sonar
  7. Rejuvination – Phaze 2
  8. Underworld – Born Slippy (Darren Price Mix)
  9. Lux Trax Vol 1 – Lummox
  10. Cap Project – Closer To France
  11. Sound Enforcer – Impact
  12. Carl Cox – Siberian Snowstorm (Dave Angel Mix)
  13. Vernon’s Wonderland – The Wanderer (Carl Cox Worldwide Ultimate Mix)
  14. Denki Groove – Niji (Milk Van Dijk For Girls Mix)
  15. Denki Groove – Niji (Milk Van Dijk For Boys Mix)
  16. Outa The Blue – Immerse
  17. The Man – Musiek
  18. Acorn Arts – Global Grooves
  19. Stef, Pako & Frederic – Magic Shop
  20. Fly By Wire – Schars World

It’s a continuous DJ mix, which means that all the tracks are seamlessly flowing into each other. Sometimes very seamlessly. When I was listening to this compilation for the first time, I had trouble distinguishing between different tracks, at certain places, because Cox didn’t limit himself in extensively editing them. Thus a sample of a drum kick or an acid loop can extend from one song into the next one for over 5 (!) minutes. And that’s a good thing. That’s what distinguishes a mix from just a bunch of tracks that go one after another.

This music stands nowhere near that stuff that you can hear on the radio nowadays. It’s the sort of music that gained popularity among underground clubbers and ravers about 15-20 years ago, and it has never reached mainstream, which doesn’t mean that it’s less awesome than pop-dance (gosh… I hate that term).

This track from CD2 is amongst my favorites (you can skip the first 2:30):

This music is amazing!

Totally worth listening.

More info on the topic:


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