The Facebook we’ve lost.

Posted: December 31, 2010 in ChDV's life, Internet, Rants

The time was 12 AM, I was lying on my bed with iPhone 4, reading an article from the Time mag app about China and how it expands its economical influence in Asia. Then I read a review on Opera 11 web-browser on After that, I went to NASA app and started reading about A-train satellites. Thought it was quite interesting, so I went to Wikipedia and started exploring the subject in more depth for another 30 minutes, or so.

Lots of interesting stuff is going on in the World right now. You can browse different info-resources on technology, science, geo-politics, media and entertainment and find thousands and thousands of LOLs in every single area of interest.

Going through my Twitter feed also gave me some stuff to notice. I’m not a big Twitter user myself, I only have an account there to stalk a few celebrities whose life I personally find interesting, so even a simple logs of their actions might be of a certain value to me. In that way, I felt an extreme jealousy towards people who will be celebrating this New Year in Melbourne to the music of Armin van Buuren, who is currently touring the world with his Armin Only concerts. I also read a Paul van Dyk’s twit, in which he was telling that he is still deciding which track to play at 12AM on New Year in New York (damn new-yorkers!!!! I f*cking hate you!!!!). All this information isn’t important, but it has a certain quality, which makes it a good time-killer.

Then, I opened the Facebook app….

I scrolled down, reading all the status updates that were made by people in the last 16 hours. Got bored to sadness.

Facebook isn’t the same as it used to be.

Only 10 months ago, I could spend hours on this social network, reading fun things, writing hundred-word comments in the holy-wars on “Mac vs. PC”, “Xbox 360 vs. PS3”, “iPhone vs. everything else”, “UQ vs. QUT vs. Griffith”, etc. People were frequently reporting events, organizing discussions, “going creative”, entertaining their Facebook-friends in all imaginable and unimaginable ways and doing other interesting stuff. The life was fun on Facebook.

Nowadays, however, I can read the entire Newsfeed for the last 24 hours and don’t find anything interesting that I could comment on or even “like”. 97% of all the posts look like: “THe best fuuuken weeknd EVER!!“, “donno what to do for dinner“, “just saw a bird“, “so sick of work, lol“… It could be something abstract (read as “empty and meaningless”), like: “Yeaah!“, “HaHa, oH wow!“, “Loops :D“, “Pfffftttt…“, well, you get the idea. It’s quite obvious that most of these status updates wouldn’t mean anything to anyone, except for the poster and 2 of his closest friends (and even that isn’t always the case)….

Right now, I have slightly over 350 Facebook-buddies, and there are only about 5-7 of them whose Walls I can read regularly without getting into a nearly-depressive apathy.

People have become less enthusiastic about this platform in general. Today, it’s almost impossible to find an interesting or funny conversation in the comments to something. I remember the times when you could regularly observe threads with 20-100 comments and with 5-10 people participating simultaneously, and each of them is trying to verbally rip their opponents apart. It just doesn’t happen nowadays. Not in my Newsfeed.

People, I just want to ask you: Why so serious fucking boring? Where are all discussions? Where is all original content? Where’s interesting reports filled with info and wit? Where did it all go?

Please don’t say that people have grown out of Facebooking, or that everyone is just busy with their study/work/personal & real life issues, or anything like that. This argument is just childish and snobby (in a bad way), and it doesn’t explain the essence of this issue. All the fun that is still left for me to enjoy in my Newsfeed is created by people who are extremely busy and always loaded with mastodonic amounts of things to do, even during the holidays. So this explanation just fails, and it fails miserably.

I don’t know what happened to the good-old Facebook. People, where is your Internet-stamina? Where is your Facebook-enthusiasm?

I run a simple experiment about two months ago, by posting one simple question: “What is your favorite colour?”. Just think about it: how much time would it take you to click/tap on a comment space and type in a 3-7-letter word? Just a moment… maybe less. I had more than 40 people online during  the time when I made this post. And different people were logging into Facebook for the next couple of hours, when my post was still visible to the majority of my F-friends. So, I could potentially get over 150 answers on that day…. We can consider the “laws of reality” into these calculations and round the estimated number down to 40-50 of possible unique answers. Guess how many comments did I get……. 5. Including my own answer and a micro-rant that followed…..

I was trying to think of possible reasons why people not answering to that. I wasn’t able to come to a single rational conclusion….. Are people that fucking lazy nowadays so they can’t type in 4 characters? Do people think that high of themselves so they don’t bother to comment on such random thing? Maybe people see that nobody comments on it, and don’t want to become the first and only to comment on a status update posted by a loser? Or maybe people don’t want to “join the mob” and be “like everyone else” by telling what their favorite colour is? What is going on with people nowadays? What happened to YOU, my dear reader?

Well, I, personally, always comment on things that I think I have something to say about, regardless of whether the original poster is my closest friend or a person I don’t even remember meeting. I always look at the informational content first. On semantics, if you would like to say it in that way. And I don’t mind if a “random” Facebooker from my “friend-list” would do the same for me. I wouldn’t get offended if anyone will jump into my Facebook-convo. I guarantee :). I perceive Facebook primarily as a platform for sharing the information, and then, secondarily, as a “social network” and everything else. Let’s imagine that I have a problem of some sort. For example, an alien ship lands on our backyard and some weird creature crawls out of it and starts staring at me, intensively blinking with its 4th eye. The first thing I do is, of course, going on Facebook and telling everyone about it. And what would I need the most in that kind of situation? That’s right! I would need somebody, who spend 8 years studying these creatures and their culture, to tell me that blinking with their 4th eye is a code for “I want to hear a blue pillow smashing the grass 368 cm away from my spaceship”, so I could get my blue pillow, throw it on the grass 3.68 m away from the alien’s spaceship, so the creature could stop annoying my cat by its presence and leave the Earth satisfied. I wouldn’t care wether the person who gave me such useful information is my ex-, or my close friend, or a coworker, or some random dude to whom I said “Bless you” after he sneezed in a line at Woolworth 3 years ago. I’m not really that interested in our past experiences as long as you give me the info I’m currently in need of (well, I’m interested in who you are, of course! I don’t treat people as tools :). At the end, I’m human too :). I’m just saying that I don’t really care whether I know you really well during  that kind of situations when I need the answer to something). Unfortunately, as it seems to me, not many people share such view on the purpose of Facebook with me :(. And that’s sad.

Well, anyway, the end of 2010 is near. (I just randomly switched the primary topic of this post).

Many things have happened since 01.01.2010. Many LOLs we saw, many hilarious stuff we’ve experienced.

Today I want to quickly raise the memories of all the “fun” stuff I’ve done on Facebook in 2010.

Here is the short list with the links to the most memorable Notes written by me.

So, in the last 365 364 days, I…

I also went forward to the future (to the year 2068, to be exact), by mistake, from where I was reporting everything I see around me (I still own Facebook a proper report on this journey).

From non-fun stuff (the stuff that originally wasn’t posted to generate LOLs or cause any mischief), I would like to highlight:

There is a few other Notes that I’ve wrote. If you’re interested, you know where to find them.

I will continue trying to make Facebook little bit more fun and interesting to be on, and I’ll be so happy to see you doing the same thing. Just post things, tell the world about interesting stuff, share your opinion and knowledge on different issues. Make the social network alive :).

Okay. This is my last 2010 post.

Happy New Year, people!!!!


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