Posted: January 3, 2011 in Music

For the last couple of days I’ve been massively obsessed with an Austrian (not Australian!!!) electro band – mind.in.a.box – and their first studio album – Lost Alone (released in 2004).

This album is f*cking brilliant! I don’t even have words sufficient enough for describing all the amazement I feel towards this work of art! It’s probably the best chill-out music I’ve ever listened to!

Wikipedia says that it’s a mixture of futurepop and progressive trance, but I would call it something intermediate between dark electro and prog. trance.

The album tells a detective story (!!!) in form of monologues and call recordings. Each track presents a short monologue, audio log or a phone call with music playing “as a background” (in fact, it’s not just a background music… they sing to it). Very often, voices are distorted or vocoderized for the purpose of stylization. It’s so freaking atmospheric!

The music itself is more than just incredible. It holds a perfect balance between being chill-out and upbeat (it’s not particularly ambient, but I wouldn’t rave to it either). The atmosphere is so sci-fi! It creates cyberpunk style images in my imagination! It’s so futuristic! So electronic! It’s so dark and uplifting at the same time! How the hell did they manage to achieve that? I don’t know…

Here is the track-list:

  1. Light & Dark
  2. Change
  3. Falling
  4. You Will See
  5. Questions
  6. Waiting
  7. Lost Alone
  8. Walking
  9. Take My Soul
  10. Forever Gone
  11. Lost Alone 2
  12. Leave

I’m amazed with how this music matches my taste almost perfectly!!!

A few examples from YouTube:

Change (I especially like how it suddenly goes upbeat after the first 1:30)

Walking (this song was featured as a soundtrack in PGR3)

Forever Gone (this stylization to a phone call is rather amazing!)

I’m speechless! I’m so freaking impressed by this album!!!

Can’t wait to dive into the rest of their discography!!!!

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