Mass Effect – done!

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Games

I’ve been catching up on some 2007-2009 Xbox 360 titles lately. This morning, at 4 am, I finished the first Mass Effect. Took me over 33 hours to do so.

The game is incredible. It is certainly the best 2000’s RPG I’ve played so far.

Mass Effect unravels itself  slowly. It took me over 6 hours to get into it, and the more I played it, the more I liked it. You have to spend at least 5-7 hours exploring all of its features, unraveling different storylines and learning about its universe in order to start really enjoying the game.

The Mass Effect’s universe is so well developed and thought through that it could easily compete with the majority of modern sci-fi novels. You could spend a decent amount of time just reading all the additional info about the background history of the world you’re in, examining diplomatic situation between different galactic species, browse through orbital and chemical characteristics of the planets that lie in the different solar systems that you’re going to travel to during the game. Knowing all this info wouldn’t influence the gameplay much, but what it certainly does is that it enriches your perception of the surroundings. You’re really starting to get into the game, feeling that the digital world you’re playing in has it’s own complex history, it’s own culture. The fact that its universe is so rich and deep makes Mass Effect so amazing.

The main storyline itself is also pretty impressive. The depth of the characters is phenomenal.

As in many other modern RPGs, you can choose different directions of conversations during dialogues, which can influence the flow of events and open up some unexpected twists, which makes this game quite replayable.

What’s interesting, the game only lets you choose the direction of conversation, and not the actual phrases/sentences that your character is going to say, which adds realistic effect to the gameplay (in real life, you just think of what you want to say, and all the wording process happens automatically, on the fly, so to speak… in most cases), and that also saves your time by preventing you from reading the entire paragraphs that you’re going to hear anyway.

The realization that your actions influence the storyline can create an interesting psychological effect, if you’re the kind of person who usually puts himself/herself in the shoes of the main character. For example, there was a situation when two of the main characters (my team members), were in danger, and I could save only one due to the time limit, so I had to choose between two (taking into consideration all the background info on their biographies, personalities, how have they connected with my character during the past storyline, etc). I had to sacrifice one to save the other. And that made me really sad. I mean really, emotionally sad. Isn’t that what you might called an Epic Win for the producers of this game? I think it is.

Well, as I said earlier, I spend over 33 playing this game, I finished the main storyline, but there are still many side missions and quests, plus a few tens of star clusters that left unexamined by me. I’m still feeling  like I didn’t experience the game on 100%. I’ll probably replay it one more time before I start Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect isn’t just a video-game. It’s an entire interactive Space Opera! Certainly one of the must try products.

I’m rather impressed.

P. S. Ah! Almost forgot about soundtrack. The music in this game is good, not perfect, but good. It contributes to the atmosphere greatly.

P. P. S. And, yeah! The, so called, “sex scene” in Mass Effect. It’s not worth all the attention it has brought from the media back in 2007-2008. I recommend you to watch this Debate on Fox News. I can’t understand how does anybody allow this bitch to publish books on psychology! The things she talks about in here (all the stuff about children and video-games) have been, pretty much, disproved multiple times by different researchers all around the world! Who the f*ck needs that kind of “experts” anyway?

Also, watch the parody on this issue. It’s hilarious.


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