Matt Darey – one of my favorite British musicians.

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Music

It was only today when I realized that “Tekara” is one of the Matt Darey’s pseudonyms. I feel ashamed of the fact that I didn’t know that before.

Matt Darey’s is the f*cking God of British Trance music. His production, when its popularity was quite phenomenal, is party the reason why I fell in love with this kind of sound in the first place!

Back in those days, in late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Trance was on its peak. It was so upbeat, so crazy, so emotional, and yet quite beautiful and melodic. It was the kind of music in which you could get lost easily, as it was still hypnotic. It was slightly touching mainstream, managing to keep its roots and stay deep. Modern stuff is alright, but it can’t compete with the tunes that were produced back in those days. Trance music was more than just awesome, and Matt Darey was a big part of it (in the same way as ATB, Paul van Dyk, The Thrillseekers, Ferry Corsten (more commonly known as System F back in those days), Cosmic Gate, Binary Finary, DJ Tiesto (he was “wearing” the “DJ” prefix until 2004), Sash!, Sasha, Dave Pearce, etc. Heaps of them! But I’m not going to talk about all these people today… maybe next time). So, Matt Darey….

Matt Darey is a perfect example of that Era. He wasn’t releasing any of his own studio albums until 2004, but his production was all over the industry. He was doing EPs, remixes, working in collaboration with other artists, producing mixed compilations (most of them are rather brilliant! take The Very Best of Euphoria (2004) as an example), etc, etc…

That’s one of his works produced under the “Tekara” pseudonym (taken from (DJ) Tiesto’s Magic Three: Far From Earth mixed compilation). If you’re generally not into dance music, I would advice you to start listening from 2:00, in order to be able to capture the essence of this track.

That’s one example of the works he produced under his own name (the vocals are by his ex-girlfriend).

And that’s the result of his collaboration with another British hero of Trance music, Dave Pearce. Gamemaster by Lost Tribe is one of my favorite songs ever! The bit that starts at 1:30 makes me high…

From his remixes for other artists I think it would be a crime if I don’t mention his remix of 1998 by Binary Finary, which is one of the 3 best versions of this legendary tune (along with Paul van Dyk’s remix and the original version).

(uncut 9.5-minutes version for big boys and true EDM lovers)

Aahhhh…… Those good old days… *sigh*

He is still active today. He even has his own radio show, as I heard. But his modern production doesn’t give me goosebumps, at all :(.

Such a shame on me that I didn’t know that “Tekara” is Matt Daren’s pseudonym…


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