These floods just reminded me of something…

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Random facts and WTFs

In some parts of Russia, people have been experiencing minor and major floods every year for the last couple of centuries due to the annual melt downs.

The thing is that there are big quantities of snow that fall on the ground during winter, and in March-May, when the major melt down begins, all the rivers become overflown with all this fresh water, so there could be “some issues” for the people who happen to live in the low grounds close to the rivers.

In 1850’s there was an old man, known as Mazay. He became famous for his compassion towards wild animals who die during these floods, particularly for his efforts to save hares. And he WAS saving them in astronomical quantities.

Every spring, he was riding his boat and just picking poor animals, who got trapped on trees and on small hills, to release them in a safer places.

Mazay was a friend of Nikolay Nekrasov, a very famous Russian poet and writer, who was so impressed by the old man’s deeds, that he wrote a poem about his heroic actions, and, by doing this, he immortalized the image of Mazay.

The poem is called “Grandfather Mazay and the Hares”   (“Дедушка Мазай и зайцы”). And it’s now in the 3rd grade curriculum in Russian schools.

If you can understand Russian or know what Google Translate is, here is the original poem (though I’m not sure if any automatic translator would be able to handle this… it’s a poem written during the Golden Age of Russian literature, therefore the language is rather sophisticated, but you can give it a try anyway):

And here are some of the arts, both old and new.




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