2011 Floods – my trip to the City.

Posted: January 14, 2011 in ChDV's life

So I went to the City yesterday, to see all the damage these floods have caused. Trains weren’t running anywhere from Northgate, so I decided to walk. Yeah. You heard me right, I walked from Northgate to the Center.

There were some areas that are still flooded (Albion, for example), so I had to make big loops sometimes.

There is no power in the flooded regions, no operational traffic lights, all the traffic control was conducted manually by police. Traffic jams were kilometers in length.

South Bank and the CBD are pretty f*cked up. Everything to the South beyond Queens Street Mall has been abandoned evacuated. There is mud and debris everywhere, and  the basements are flooded with dirty water.

Queens Street mall was partly functional yesterday. There were a few kiosks that were still open, though all the banks and major shopping centers were shut down and barricaded.

Overall, it’s pretty messed up. I think it will take weeks to clean up…

I walked over 20 km yesterday (had the RunKepper app running on my iPhone 4, so it was measuring the distance with GPS). Got sunburned madly.

When I came back home and finished working with the photos, I suddenly realized that I haven’t slept the night before…

Slept for 9 hours today, the sleep was deep, though quite uncomfy close to the morning, due to the fact that my face is all red because of the yesterday’s Sun…

Well, anyway, here are some of the pictures I took yesterday.

More photos from yesterday could be found in my 2011 Floods album on Facebook.

I’m off to watch Futurama.


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