In case of emergency.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Just for LULz, Music

You should never miss a chance to make this dull and boring World a little bit more interesting and fun.

Thus, the next time a car hits you, before passing out, you should ask a random witness to get closer to you, so he/she could hear you whispering, and then say something like: “Tell the Resistance that the Marpoplack’s Invasion has already started. I’ve hidden the Relic behind the old gas station at [make up the address]. The password to a combination lock is “666ENIGMA2012″. Please make sure that they know….”.

You could also give him/her a USB-flashdrive, that you’ve prepared beforehand in case this situation actually happens, with an encrypted Word file that would contain a list of random names (preferably Romanian), a bunch of images of you making strange origami figures out of aluminium foil and some fragments of a video, in which a random black man aggressively eats carrots.

I’m pretty sure that, if you do all these things, that random witness will have something to be concerned about for, at least, another two weeks after he sees you.

P. S. By the way, remember I wrote a post about how I got obsessed with an Austrian band, Well, this obsession is still ongoing. I just want to share this song with you. It’s incredibly awesome!


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