Mass Effect 2 for PS3.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Games, Technology

Mass Effect 2 will go on sale for PS3 tomorrow (on 18.01.2011) in North America.

What’s interesting, people would be able to purchase this game on Blu-Ray and in downloadable form via PlayStation Network (the installation pack will “weight” around 12 GB). Hmmm… Looks like Sony is taking online video-game distribution quite seriously (I think this is the first time when you will actually be able to download an entire game from PlayStation Network; it has been used for beta-versions and additional media only until this moment).

Doesn’t it look strange to you? A 1-year-old game is being released on PS3 in January, which is, probably, one of the quietest seasons on the market. It seems like Sony is just experimenting with all this online distribution stuff. If ME2 succeeds, we might expect to see some more big projects that would be entirely downloadable from PlayStation Network by the end of 2011.

So, people, please be quiet. The fate of optical disk drive for PlayStation 4 is now being decided.


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