STAT exam and a few other things.

Posted: January 20, 2011 in ChDV's life

I wasn’t particularly interested in Bachelor of Speech Pathology at UQ last year. I didn’t feel much enthusiasm towards this course, especially towards the second semester (there are many reasons… I’ll explain them all later), with all the following consequences.

I wanted to transfer to something different in 2011. I was afraid, though, that my academic performance will screw with my ability to enroll into other courses at any Uni, so I decided to do a STAT (Special Tertiary Admissions Test) when I was launching my QTAC application, in case if I fail everything, so the people, who decide who gets the Uni offers, could have a proof that I’m not a complete retard.

In order to sit this exam, you have to pay $100. I paid. And I sat the exam, yesterday.

There were 70 multiple choice questions, and only 2 hours were given to complete them. It’s that kind of task when all the information necessary for problem solution is already hidden in the problem description, and your task is to extract that information by thinking, deducing and doing other sorts of brain work.

I’ll be honest with you, it was quite interesting. Somewhat similar to QCS, but harder. I hated the language based tasks (like, when they give you a piece of weird poetry, and you have to read it through and answer a bunch of questions that look like this:

In lines 4-7, when the author talks about birds’ souls being driven apart, he implies that he:

a. feels sorry for them
b. pities them
c. feels bad about their current situation
d. the author of this question is a mindfucking twat

… or something similar to that).

But the questions with numbers and infographic diagrams were rather awesome. Like the sections when you’re staring at a single graph for 20-30 seconds, bending your mind and trying to understand what the hell does it all mean, but, as soon as you get it, you’re instantly becoming able to smash the entire section with no difficulty what-so-ever.

My favorite part from the entire test was the section about an acid trip. In the description it was told that back in 1950’s, a person was given a dose of LSD. After that, the testers asked him to draw an old man (who was sitting in a chair right in front of the test participant) as he sees him. He was asked to draw him several times, at different stages of acid trip. All the drawings were presented in the problem and the several tasks, which followed, were asking to identify the peak of acid trip, at what stage did the participant felt confusion and fear, etc. That was very interesting.

You can find more info on the actual experiment in here:

I sat the test with no stress at all, because 10 minutes before it started, I went into their main office and asked to print my STAT confirmation letter, and, while she was going through my QTAC application (which I haven’t checked in the last 3 weeks), she kindly informed me that my first preference came back positive, like, a week ago, and that I got an offer from QUT’s School of Behavioral Science (Psychology).

That caused a “LOL WUT!” reaction from me, and, knowing that I cant’t get a $100 refund anyway, I sat the test with emotional ease and enjoyment.

Responding to the offer was the first thing I did when I came back home last night.

I went to the Kelvin Grove campus today, to get my student-card. Got the lamest ID-picture of me ever taken…

Well, anyway…

I’m planning to stay at QUT for 1 year. After that, I’ll try to catapult myself into Veterinary Science, back at UQ. There is a possibility, though, that I might fall in love with Psych course, so I might stay in it as well.

The time will show.


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