643 – a number to notice and remember.

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Music

I haven’t cleaned my Gmail from Facebook notification messages since the beginning of 2011. Right now, at this particular moment, I have 643 unread emails in my inbox. This reminded me of something.

643 – that’s a very remarkable number. Back in early 2000’s, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines were providing a non-stop service between Amsterdam and New York that was codenamed KL643. A very famous Dutch musician Tijs Michiel Verwest flew to America using this service a few times. Flight 643 was so special for his career that he named an entire single after it. This track, Flight 643, was released in 2001. First, it was presented by itself, and, in a few months, it appeared in Verwest’s first studio album, In My Memory.

Now, after almost 10 years after its initial release, Flight 643 is considered one of the most Epic dance tunes of 2000’s, and Tijs Verwest have become one of the World’s best and most prominent DJs and producers. We all know him…. His nickname is Tiesto.

Flight 643, only by itself, have created a cult of fans, that consisted of millions. It was so crazy, so empowering, and, yet, very monotonous and simple in structure. It sounded so Epic. A perfect techno/house (or, perhaps, tech-trance? :/) tune for festivals and large stadiums.

This is the original, the best, version. 9-minutes of pure Epicness. You have to listen it on a max (or near maximum) volume, otherwise, you’ll miss the point of this music. (it might appear to be way too monotonous, but I would advice you to try listening the entire track from its beginning to its very end anyway, because, at a certain point, this monotonousness will turn into advantage and you might start enjoying this repetitiveness… just relax and keep it LOUD!)

In 2004, when Tiesto was fulfilling his duty of becoming the first DJ ever to perform at an Opening Ceremony of Summer Olympic Games, Flight 643 was heard by over 2 billion people all around the globe (along with the numerous other Tiesto’s tracks)

One year ago (31.01.2010), when Tiesto was touring Australia to promote his latest album Look at Me: I can be David Guetta too! Kaleidoscope, and I was in the first row, 3 meters away from the stage, the Laidback Luke’s remix of Flight 643 was the second track in his set. When people heard this legendary tune, the entire 10 000 crowd at Riverstage went absolutely crazy! I nearly died of excitement at that particular moment!!! I only didn’t piss my pants because I was already wet from the rain!

Well, just see for yourself (I was recording it with an iPhone 3GS back then, and the ability of this device to record low-frequency sounds is rather pathetic….. .just skip to 3:15, if you don’t want to hurt your ears… the moment when the tune kicks in starts there…. the reaction of the crowd is a must see!)

Microphone on my cell phone just overloaded and went deaf for the rest of the video.

Here is what he was playing (in good quality)…


Ahhh…. so much happy memories about this tune…


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