A few words about “Russia – Northern Caucasus relationships” and the entire terrorism mess.

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Random facts and WTFs

We all heard this sad news about 35 people being killed in suicide bombing attack yesterday at Domodedovo airport, in Moscow.

I’ve read different reports and situation analyses on a dozen of news-sites, both Russian and Western. Everyone says that the primary suspects are the Islamic extremists from Caucasian region, a region that was invaded by Russians a long, long time ago. Many are constantly wigging about the past Chechen Wars and about Russia being oppressive towards those poor regions, not giving them their freedom, that pushes them to plan these terrorist attacks and blah-blah-blah. And only a few mention the real reason why Russia is doing all this stuff and doesn’t let them separate in the first place….

Well, just think about this. Caucasian region consists of mountains, there is no natural resources, the land is useless for agriculture. Russia has no interests in this area, and she would rather spend the budget on something else, like infrastructure or its own hospitals, than to use it to keep a costly military presence over those places. So, what’s the deal, really?

The thing is, my friends, that Russia has already tried to let them go by themselves a few times in the last couple of decades. The scenario is always the same: as soon as Chechnya becomes independent, all the things go out of control in there, internal conflicts start to rip this state apart, different head-f*cked bands are forming in the mountings; they cross the borders and start looting, raping and killing people in the neighborhood regions.

Russians have tried many things. We’ve tried to enrich them culturally, build hospitals and schools, create infrastructure for them so they would be able to settle all their internal mess. It just doesn’t work. They just have different culture and their own ways of dealing with things (that don’t really work, as the history shows).

Russia wouldn’t care much about some random small country, she has her own issues (as all countries do). But as soon as the region turns into a hive for terrorists, providing a platform for formations of different bands that go out there and kill Russian citizens, it’s the time when the government should start taking some actions.

Interestingly, CNN never mentions that.

The whole issue is somewhat similar to the current situation with North Korea. Some would say why to bother and try to change things for North Koreans? They seem happy living in oblivion and praising Kim Jong-il. But 2010 have proved to us that the things are actually messed up. See, when a country randomly launches a ballistic missile attack on its neighbor and some people get killed – it’s not OK.

Hope you get what I mean.

  1. Russia definitely has an interest there…the black gold (oil). I don’t know, if I was shoved off to Siberia to die, I would be kinda bitter.

    I’m not defending the actions of the militants, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out Basayev was Satan incarnate.

    Just some stuff to think about. Peace. :-)

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