I just came up with a way to make your boss incredibly mad.

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Just for LULz

Suppose you’re having an 8 hour work-shift. Switch your phone off and stay home. Your boss will be stressing. There are heaps of important duties that you were suppose to fulfill, but you just didn’t come, you’re unreachable. One hour have passed, you still haven’t come. The boss starts to call your colleagues (who aren’t suppose to work today) and asks them to come over and help. Then your boss is forced to do some of your work on his own. It’s a total nightmare.

It’s been 6 hours of your 8 hour work-shift. You call in and inform your boss that you will not be coming today. Imagine how mad will this “sudden” news make him. I bet he will start shitting bricks instantly.

Of course, don’t try that if you’re planning to stay on this job for another few months.


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