Posted: January 31, 2011 in Music

Before reading this, you might want to quickly go through my post about Lost Alone.

In the last couple of days I’ve been listening to Dreamweb, the second studio album by my favorite Austrian band – mind.in.a.box.

There were no surprises – I was completely blown away by this masterpiece.

It’s interesting – the more I read about mind.in.a.box – the more I like these guys.

The band members, Stefan Poiss and Roman Stift, both obsessed with science fiction and technology, have been working in video game industry since 1980’s, programming and composing soundtracks for various games, starting with some Commodore 64 (!) projects. They’ve certainly implemented that experience in their studio albums.

This electronic music is simply amazing! Their style is incredible! The way it matches my personal tastes is phenomenal!

Dreamweb continues the story that was introduced in Lost Alone. The first intro-track, “Tape Evidence” (which is done in avant-garde style) is set in the place where the previous album ended. It re-introduces listener to the cyberpunk world in which all the action takes place and helps to recall the key-events that happened in the first album (“Tape Evidence” contains a few samples from Lost Alone).

The central theme of Lost Alone was loneliness, same way as Dreamweb goes into the discourse of human dreams, fantasies and expectations. The main story of the second album is centered around, so called, Dreamweb, “another layer of reality”, which contains “the essence of our dreaming”, and all the characters are somehow related to it. Some of them feel it, but still unaware of its existence, some try to connect to it, and some have already entered it (in previous album, in the track “Forever Gone”, there was a dude who was under the intense surveillance by some agency, which was not named, and he managed to escape from our reality by uploading his consciousness into Dreamweb… presumably).

As in previous work by mind.in.a.box, all lyrics are quite abstract and give heaps of room for personal interpretation. As Stefan Poiss said in one of the interviews , they left many things untold and unspecified to give their listeners an opportunity to do their own interpretations. As for me, it looks like the Dreamweb is a metaphor for modern Internet, which reflects people’s culture and people’s dreams, which makes sense, considering that some people might get sucked into it, just like some of the characters got sucked into the drama around Dreamweb in this sci-fi story :).

In case if you’re not keen on examining lyrics, putting it all together and trying to uncover the main theme of this album, you can just enjoy the way this music sounds. As I said many times before, mind.in.a.box style is amazing.

Here is the Dreamweb’s track-list:

1. Tape Evidence
2. Certainty
3. Lament for Lost Dreams
4. Machine Run
5. Loyalty
6. Sun and Storm
7. Out of Time
8. Dead End
9. The Dream
10. Reflections
11. Between Words
12. Escape

The style is quite similar to Lost Alone, though, overall, Dreamweb sounds a little bit heavier (mostly due to electro-guitars that were used in some tracks). “Electronically distorted” vocals help to create dark atmosphere of cyberpunk future filled with advanced technology, which contributes to this awesome sci-fi feel.

I’ve listened to it over 7 times in the last couple of days. I was trying to select my favorite song from this album, but then I realized that I’m just unable to do so. The whole album is freaking incredible and every single song is a small masterpiece.

Here is a few examples…

This is the intro song that sets a connection between the events that happened in Lost Alone and Dreamweb (WARNING: it contains samples from their first album and it might sound weird if you haven’t heard Lost Alone).

This is the third track, “Lament for Lost Dreams”. I didn’t like it the first time I was going through the album, but then I became addicted to it. The way they use distorted vocals in here is phenomenal. 1:25 – soooo gooood!

One of the hardest tracks on the album. If you’re into hard rock and metal, you might like this as well.

I think that Wachowski “brothers” would love this type of music. That’s a perfect Matrix soundtrack.


I just purchased Crossroads, the last, concluding album in the trilogy. Can’t wait to get into it.


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