That weird moment…

Posted: February 1, 2011 in ChDV's life

That weird moment when you come to the kitchen at 2:30 am and your head is so occupied with thoughts that you forget why you came to the kitchen in the first place. That forces you to go back to your room, where you just sit and stare at some random stuff on the table for a few minutes until you realize that you were going to make a cup of tea. You go back to the kitchen, but you still floating in your thoughts. You can’t concentrate on simple tasks and it takes you about 10 minutes to prepare a cup of hot tea.

You come back to your room and look back on your last 20 minutes from the side. You think it’s funny, so you decide to write a small post about it…. And then you realize that you forget something again.

*goes to the kitchen to get a piece of cake*


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