Once Upon a Night in the Family Nightclub.

Posted: February 10, 2011 in ChDV's life, Music

Went to a gig last Saturday. Ferry Corsten was doing a set at Family Nightclub.

When I first heard about this (thanks to Facebook ads!) I purchased a ticket straight away. $35 was quite a low price to pay, in comparison to $90 that I paid for Tiesto’s show last year.

Ferry Corsten has always been one of my favorite artists. This Dutchman acclaimed his worldwide popularity back in late 1990’s, when he was working in the field of trance music. His works made in collaborations with various Dutch DJs (such as Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto) were constantly smashing dance charts all around the World.

He took a somewhat different direction from trance with the release of the album “Right of Way” in 2003, but his production has never disappointed. The man is certainly one of the World’s most talented producers and DJs in the field of electronic music (he hasn’t gone below the 9th spot in the annual DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ list since 2002, which serves as a good indicator of his steady success).

In 2010, he released two wonderful compilation albums, “Once Upon a Night” (Volumes 1 and 2) in which he mixed songs by other DJs and producers. The first compilation, which was released in March, have become my favorite work of 2010. I bought it via iTunes Store in June, and I still can’t stop listening to it. All the tracks are so good and they are so well mixed together.

Ferry Corsten’s current World tour is about promoting these compilations, and his Australian tour wasn’t an exception. I was so enthusiastic about this. Finally, I had a chance to listen to my favorite 2010 songs in a proper club atmosphere, along with the other works of one of my favorite musicians.

The club was packet almost to its full capacity. Ferry started performing at 12:30 AM. As expected, the first 5 or 6 tracks he played were taken from his Once Upon a Night compilations. Interestingly, he played a few remixes of some chill-out downtempo songs from the albums, which made them more danceable. I haven’t heard these remixes before, so I can presume that he made them himself exclusively for live performances.

Those songs were quite a warm up.

After about 30 minutes from the beginning, he started playing stuff that was a little bit harder and more danceable. For example, here I filmed the part when he played his rework of “Feelin’ Good” by Faithless (the full track name is “Faithless feat. Dido – Fellin’ Good (Ferry Corsten Fix)“). Sorry for the sound quality. It’s an iPhone 4.

The atmosphere was truly amazing!

But the real craziness kicked in when he began playing epic and euphoric trance. Here is the video of him playing “Something Wrong” by Russian producer Anton Firtich. I advice that you watch the first 2:30 of this clip. Note how tension is building up during the breakdown as the track goes up and up, until everybody is screaming, and then it just explodes. So crazy! That’s epic trance for you :)

And, straight after that, he played his own song called “Beautiful”, which is my favorite tune of 2006. It was a pure euphoria! Watch how everybody is singing the words “Everything is beautiful, let the music carry you. Maybe I’ll follow you forever (ever). Nowhere else I’d rather be when you lying next to me, let the music carry us together“, and then the track breaks down and everyone goes wild :). Also, the light effects were amazing.

I didn’t want to film anything else after that. I was just raving to his music. The tunes he played were Epically mad! His ultimate 2008 hit “Radio Crash” was amongst them, as well as 2003’s “Punk”, and many-many other awesome songs.

He finished at 4 AM.

Overall, the 3.5 hours of pure euphoria. The best clubbing experience I’ve had so far! :).

Ferry Corsten is truly a bad ass DJ! :)

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