Russia wants to buy French naval ships.

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Technology

Russia wants to buy naval ships from France because, as officials say, it might take up to 10 years for Russian military to develop something similar in quality.

This approach saddens me. About 60 years ago, Soviet Union had a philosophy of creating technologies by its own means to pursue a proper development of engineering skills, industrial mechanisms and economical pathways.

Back in 1945, when Red Army captured the engineering drawings of V-2, a long range German ballistic missile, Stalin gave an order to manufacture an exact copy of this thing, but only with the use of Russian materials. That was quite a task. Soviet Union didn’t have factories that could allow the assembly of something like that, so the people had to modify the existing factories or even build new ones. Russians didn’t have proper materials, so the industrial chemists had to work on new alloys, adjusting the entire metallurgic industry.

It took more than a year to construct the first Soviet ballistic missile (R-1), but, when it was done, Russia had a pretty well developed industrial mechanisms and economy, so it became possible to manufacture all sorts of stuff.

That’s how Russia was learning how to engineer and build things. As a result, USSR has managed to produce the World’s best military and space technologies of its time. Soviet Union had all sorts of achievements: the first animal in space, the first space animal to successfully return back to Earth alive, the first human in space, the first woman in space, the first space station, USSR was the first to photograph the other side of our Moon, the first to reach Venus, just to name a few things Russia has done. It’s a matter of fact that, in general, Soviet military technologies were always a step ahead of American stuff, especially in aviation and intercontinental ballistics.

And it’s all because Russia was trying to produce technologies by its own means.

Unfortunately, people like taking shortcuts nowadays :(

P. S. By the way, that’s Friday begins on Monday’s 100th post.


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