Old CDs.

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Music, Technology

That’s all the physical Audio CDs that I’ve been listening to in the last couple of weeks:

I find it kind of awkward that I still use this almost 30-years-old technology. All the music from these discs has been transferred to my hard drive, in loseless compression, ages ago. Nowadays, if I buy music, I buy it online, via iTunes. It’s much more flexible and convenient than to go to a record store and buy things made of plastic. The sound quality is the same (well, at least on my sound system(s) and earphones).

But, sometimes, I still feel like putting a physical CD on. I can hardly explain why. It gives me some sort of weird aesthetic pleasure… Which I find hard to approve.

I think it would be the best for music industry (and for technological progress in general) if all the major companies would stop producing Audio CDs and switch to online media-content distribution as soon as possible (Sony has already announced that they will do this by the end of this financial year).

There will be some smaller companies who will continue producing CDs in lower qualities, same way as some companies are still pressing vinyl records (and some “audiophiles” are still buying them, arguing that analog music sounds “warmer” (which, in fact, results from the fact that you can’t record higher frequencies on vinyls… and you can easily replicate this “warmth” with digital sound by adjusting equalizer in your media player.. I’m just saying)). Physical CDs will certainly remain popular amongst audiophiles and collectors for the next couple of decades. Even I myself would be happy to acquire something like a collection box set of all the Magik series CD-mixes (there were a total of 7 of them, released between 1997 and 2001), just for the fun of it…

But, overall, I strongly stand for the digitalization and virtualization of everything possible. For the sake of progress.


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