Sleep deprivation (introspection).

Posted: February 26, 2011 in ChDV's life, Psychology, Random facts and WTFs

Yesterday, I spend over 40 hours without sleep (my personal record is around 47… and it’s not that I’m trying to beat anything).

It can be interesting to observe my own condition during such sleep deprivations. It often goes by this 3-stage pattern:

1) 0-14 hours – normal condition.
2) 14-26 hours – “deep thinking” phase. At this stage, I always become interested in things. I just want to sit in front of my computer and read everything, from news to random Wikipedia articles. It’s like my brain is thirsty for knowledge. How productive can it be? I don’t know… What’s interesting, my sense of humor turns into something weird (for the lack of a better word). Today, I went through my yesterday’s Facebook activity (all the status updates I wrote with my iPhone, all the comments I wrote and all the online convos I participated in), and I couldn’t believe that I was cracking up because of that stuff yesterday. It doesn’t seem that funny to me now (read a convo about iPhone vs. everything else, as an example). It’s also important to note that my grammar suffers badly when I write long pieces of text in that state.
3) 26 and longer – the stage when I become annoyed by everything and start thinking about all the negative things. The annoyance by everything is probably due to the banal (and obvious) physical discomfort that I’m starting to experience under such sleep deprivation. And that serves as a reason for my nearly depressive mood. I also become more aggressive and could easily insult someone…

I’m not sure about the exact hormonal biochemical processes that my organism undergoes during sleep deprivations, but it’s obvious that it never serves me well. Sleep deprivation is bad, m’kay?

I think I would have to do some proper research on this topic while I’m doing my Psychology course this year…


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