The decline in frequency of new posts in my blog.

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Animals, ChDV's life

Hi, my dear subscribers!

Just want to inform you that I’m not dead and that I haven’t forgot about this blog. I’ve just been really busy for the last week.

You know what Uni does to people. You spend all your day at campus, studying. When you come back home, you have to go through all your notes, do your homework for tuts and prepare for lectures (it’s good to spend a few hours reading about the stuff they are going to present, maybe take some notes, so you would be able to actually enjoy your lecture… being confident and relaxed).

Same goes for me. And when I feel like I’ve done enough work for a day, I can’t force myself to do anything substantial. All I do for the rest of my night is eating, facebooking and watching some freshly torrented TV-shows (or some documentaries on YouTube, in case if I’m really, really psyched about the stuff that we’re covering at Uni).

And during my day-off’s and weekends, if I don’t have any work-shifts, I usually behave in the same manner as my cat does:

So, yeah… Not much time for blogging left.


I’ll try to post something here before Monday. Stay tuned.


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