Suppressed and oppressed.

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Just for LULz, Rants

Received this warning on my Uni email account today:
Dear Student,

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

QUT provides information technology resources to its staff and students for day-to-day operations. These include the desktop environment, network facilities, IT infrastructure, and access to the internet.

QUT IT resources may not be used for any purpose associated with the transmission, viewing or publication of pornography or other illicit or offensive material; personal commercial interests; soliciting donations for political parties or religious groups; publication of sites unrelated to university activities; personal observations using inappropriate or offensive language, or any unlawful purpose.

Staff who require use of the University’s IT resources for approved research and academic activities in relation to pornography, sexually explicit materials and illegal matters must, in the first instance, seek Executive Dean (or equivalent) approval prior to use.

When users renew their access account passwords, they are always reminded that the University monitors its information assets and carries out detailed security audits of systems and data as required. Network activity is logged and may be used to investigate faults, security breaches and inappropriate or unlawful use. The University reserves the right to access individual files.

There is a continuing need to be vigilant about the proper use of QUT information technology resources.Breaches of the QUT Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy by staff may be treated as misconduct or serious misconduct.


“personal observations using inappropriate or offensive language”

personal observations using inappropriate or offensive language”

“personal observations using inappropriate or offensive language!!????!!!111”

Does it mean that I’m not allowed to post certain kinds of rants to this blog using QUT’s on-campus Wi-Fi!?!?!?
OH SHIT!!!! What the fuck!?


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