Posted: March 18, 2011 in Internet, Just for LULz, Music, Software, Technology

Humanity has come a long way through the 40 000 years of its existence. We’ve build cities and societies, developed economies and political systems, created Civilization and pursued the Science.

Our technologies have jumped enormously in the last couple of centuries. Scientists, engineers and mathematicians have been working shoulder to shoulder together, creating new inventions and advancing our society.

The Era of Renaissance and the invention of printing press that spread literature and scientific written materials all over the Europe, the Age of Enlightenment that gave use the steam engine and electricity! All the British, German and American mathematicians and engineers in the late XIX and the early XX centuries who contributed to the development of computer science and the subsequential invention of electronic computing machines. All the early programmers and software developers who made computers truly user-friendly, allowing Global computerization. All the DARPA engineers and Tim Berners-Lee who invented the Internet and the World Wide Web. All the big IT corporations who stimulated the growth of the virtual world – I thank them all for the MASSIVE progress our Civilization have faced.

All these inventions, all these advances and technologies, all of these came down together so I could show you this:

Today is Friday!!! Partyin’ partyin’ (yeah!). Partyin’ Partyin’ (yeah!). Fun fun fun!

Happy Friday, EvErYbOdY!!!!!!


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