Communicational crutches.

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Internet

My grandma is turning 70 today. Yesterday I spend a decent amount of time writing her a Happy Birthday email, plus telling her about my current life, describing Uni, etc. The letter turned out relatively long, over 1200 words. What’s interesting, it was the first personal letter I wrote in a long, long time where I was suppose to avoid using smiley faces ( :), :-) ), or any other types of emoticons , which I constantly use when talking to my friends online.

My grandparents aren’t so Internet savvy, so I doubt that they would be able to interpret “:)” as a smiley face. So I had to rely on the good old informal, but understandable, Russian to get my emotions across only by using the dynamics of the language itself.

Well, I mean, emoticons are great, they assist in demonstrating your mood in e-writing, but let’s not forget that our language is already flexible enough to allow any kind of tricks and expressions, only by using the correct punctuation and sentence structure.

Have a try in writing long pieces of texts to people you know sometime, without using any slang, emoticons or acronyms/abbreviations (such as LOL, ROFL, WTF, FML, etc), keeping it informal only twisting the standard language. Really helps to flex your thinking :).


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