Closed Spaces.

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Just for LULz, Psychology

Word’s population is increasing dramatically. Soon, the Earth will be too overpopulated to live on, so we would have to fly into the space and colonize other planets.

We would probably start with Mars and try to modify its atmosphere to make the planet inhabitable. But let’s skip all the technological bits for now and try to focus on the psychological aspects of colonization process at its very beginning.

Imagine the following scenario: we’ve successfully build an interplanetary space-ship and we are already on Mars. What’s next? It’s only a beginning, and there will be only a few people on the entire planet? How are you going to spend most of your time? Working only by yourself and concentrating on your solitary tasks, or, perhaps, working in a small team of 2-4 people like you? Either way, you would have to spend your first few decades (or even centuries) in a closed space (within an advanced tunnel system, or the pilot cabin of your space-ship, in case if you fail to construct all the necessary structures for the previous option), so you could wait before Mars atmosphere becomes suitable for humans.

It’s going to be really hard, psychologically.

I’ll be honest with you, I was thinking about this issue a lot, in my spare time – Human Psychological Stability Maintenance within Closed Spaces for Long Periods of Time. I have been running some private experiments and researches in this particular area. See, I have a reason to believe that the key component that could potentially solve all the issues is having a group of octopuses around a person all the time.

I’ve been breeding octopuses in my bathroom for a few years now, trying to develop a psychological attachment to them and make some personal benefits out of it (for scientific purposes only). I’ve been isolating myself with octopuses for a few months by locking all the doors and windows in the house, and barricading all the potential exit points, so the attachment behavior could manifest itself.

So far, I’ve only looked into the ways of receiving pleasures by interacting with 2-3 octopuses at a time, using different non-verbal means of communication (between a human and an octopus, as well as some intra-personal communication), creating a virtual meta-social model, through which I could satisfy my mental and physical needs, while keeping my sanity undamaged.

I’ve only started pushing my researches into that particular direction. There is sure much more stuff that needs to be explored. I was thinking here: hence some of you might be interested in permanently moving to Mars, then maybe we should collaborate. We can do a few experiments together. You could come to my place, bring some food and toys, we will lock ourselves in for a few weeks, so it would be only you, me and my octopuses. We could play different games together, developing intimate attachments (possibly mixed zoophilic and homosexual), do all the different kinds of interaction, and maybe even have some fun. We will do it out of scientific curiosity only.

So, if you keen on this, write me an email, so we can start planning on some ways we could collaborate.

Kind regards,


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