Trolling with T-shirt drawings.

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Just for LULz, Psychology, Software

Back in February this year, I created an album on Facebook, “Cazy T-shirt designs (self-made)“, and since then, I’ve been uploading some ideas for T-shirt drawings that could provoke a person to correct you by causing cognitive dissonance (it’s when you see something that is strongly contradictory to something that you already know).

Here are some examples from the album:

If you studied Chemistry in school, you first reaction to this should be close to “WTF!?”, because you should remember that the 19th element in Periodic table, the one that has “K” as its symbol, is, in fact, potassium, and not nickel (which is number 28 and has symbol “Ni”).

These lobes are labeled wrong.

This one looks like an ordinary neuron (a nerve cell), but the labels are of a sperm cell. Show this to anyone who have studied Biology on a serious level, and they will die of anger (or laughter… depending on their sense of humor).

There could be countless ways to troll people with these. You, can, for example, have a drawing of one cult music band on your T-shirt, but label it as another band of the same league. It will certainly make their fans mad.

Try to make these some time, for the sake of fun. It takes about 2-3 minutes in to create something like this in Photoshop (I used GIMP 2.6). Let’s see what you can come up with :)


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