3 mood upping songs.

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Music

Just want to share a few mood upping songs that I’ve been listening to lately.

Zoe Badwi – Accidents Happen

Generally, I don’t really like mainstream music, all this stuff that you can hear on the radio nowadays, it just doesn’t satisfy my tastes, in 80% of all cases. Zoe Badwi’s latest pop-house single, “Accidents Happen”, is amongst the other 20%. Maybe even amongst the top 5% of all mainstream songs on my personal awesomeness scale, and that’s awesome. This song is fun… no, really. It’s good.

Ferry Corsten – Feel It!

I’ve been a fan of Ferry Corsten’s music for about 8 years now. His latest single, “Feel It!” has been banging at my place quite frequently in the last 3 weeks. This song combines the traditions of good old Ferry’s style with the current house and electro trends in a best possible way. The emotions that this song provokes are similar to Corsten’s 2008 smashing hit “Radio Crash”, but “Feel It!” is less serious, which doesn’t reflect badly on the song. The track is so positive, so fun! It raises my mood instantly every time I put it on. Ferry Corsten is still one of the World’s best electronic music producers. I wish I could see him performing live again!

EnMass – CQ (Seek You)

This song is more serious than the previous two, and it’s also the oldest one (the track was released over 5 years ago, but it still sounds fresh). “CQ (Seek You)” by trance duo EnMass is a classic example of good Epic trace. It is featured in the A State of Trance 500 official compilation mix, about which I wrote a few days ago. “CQ (Seek You)” is one of the most uplifting tracks in the entire compilation. It’s not just a dance music, it’s an art.


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