The phrasebook of not so commonly used phrases.

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Just for LULz

I think many of your have dealt with phrasebooks before. A typical phrasebook contains questions and sayings, which you might need in case you’re traveling to a foreign country (phrases such as “Where can I find a restaurant?”, “I need a taxi”, “Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish/Italian/German/etc”). People who create these phrasebooks have a goal of compiling the most practical and frequently used phrases, so the tourists would be able to request some basic services.

Yesterday, I accidentally watched this video.

I think I will start compiling my own English to Russian phrasebook of weird questions & answers.

Let’s see how it goes.


This old lady has been dead for the last three stations.
Эта бабушка мертва уже три станции (Eta babushka mertva uzhe tree stancii)

This train is under my control! We’re going to Volgograd now!
Этот поезд захвачен! Теперь мы едем в Волгоград! (Etot poezd zahvachen! Teper’ myi edem v Volgograd!)

I thought you said this is a City Center Bus. Why have we been going deep into the forest for the last 5 hours? 
Вы же сказали что этот автобус идёт в цент. Почему мы уже 5 часов едем по лесу? (Vyi zhe skazali chto etot avtobus idyot v centr. Pochemy myi uzhe pyat’ chasov edem po lesu?)


I have no idea what is this dead hooker doing in my room.
Я не знаю откуда у меня в номере взялась мертвая шлюха (Ya ne znayu otkuda u menya v nomere vzyalas’ mertvaya shlyuha).

Have you already spend the tips I gave you yesterday?
Вы уже потратили чаевые, которые я давал вчера? (Vyi uzhe potratili chaevye, kotory’e ya daval vchera?)


Excuse me. How can I go to the left?
Простите. Не подсажите, как мне пройти налево? (Prostite. Ne podskazhite, kak mne proiti nalevo?)

Excuse me. Where can I buy helicopters in this town?
Извините. Не подскажете где тут продаются вертолёты? (Izvenite. Ne podskazhete gde tut prodayutsya vertolyoty?)


When was yesterday?
Когда было вчера? (Kogda bylo vchera?)

In your presence, time goes painfully slow.
При вашем присутствии, время ползёт мучительно медленно. (V vashem prisutstvii, vremya polzyot muxhitel’no medlenno).


Now, please turn on your back. Yes, just like this. Thank you very much!
Так, теперь, пожалуйста, перевернитесь на спину. Да, вот так. Спасибо Вам большое! (Tak, teper’, pozhaluysta, perevernites’ na spiny. Da, vot tak. Spasibo vam bol’shoe!)

Your suggestions for the list are welcome :)


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