A wild 1950’s prognosis.

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Just for LULz, Numbers & Statistics, Random facts and WTFs, Technology

This 1958 video about the bright future of American roads and transportation systems is Epic!

I LOLed so hard at the punch card with programmed destinations, as well as the “sun powered electro-suspension cars”! This is a must see!

It’s pretty interesting to observe what kinds of wild fantasies people usually have about things that only started to appear. For example, back in 1960’s, during the Space Race, when Humanity suddenly jumped from the first barometer in space to a full capacity space station just in 10 years, there were many thoughts and plans associated with Cosmology and Astronomy. People were making prognoses that by 2000’s we would be able to colonize Venus!

Similar thing was happening with automobile industry back in 1950’s, when cars started to become more affordable in US. Different auto-moto companies were running in a race against each other, inventing new features and designs, same way as it is happening now with all these big IT companies that make smartphones and tablet PC’s. Take this humorous 1953 cartoon as a proof.

Ah… you can’t stop enjoying this retro-futurism! :)


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