You know you’re X, when…

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Just for LULz

Among the most annoying things on the Internet, “You know you’re X, when…” type lists are probably in my personal top 10.

The concept itself isn’t that bad. In fact, the idea of describing atrributes of being someone in such comic manner can be really efficient and hilarious. I just don’t like when people use these lists in describing something obvious, and also when people who create these lists forget that others might do things differently. For example, those of you who follow the official QUT’s Student Sharehouse blog might remember that post “You know you are a QUT Gardens Point student when…“, in which the author lists things, such as the knowledge of footpaths to the campus, the number of traffic lights in the City, etc, forgetting that many people use shuttle buses to get to GP campus, or even walk there from South Bank via the footpath bridge.

You know, I just realized that I haven’t actually tried making these lists myself. Well, this blog is a perfect platform for fixing that.

Okay, let’s do the following: You know you’re Hitler when….

  1. Your birth certificate says you were born on 20 April, 1889.
  2. You served in the German Army during WWI in the 6th Bavarian Reserve Division.
  3. You have a toothbrush moustache and an emo style fringe.
  4. You wrote several autobiography books, and the most notable one was titled Mein Kampf.
  5. The more you get to know people, the more you like dogs.
  6. You’re a friend of Italian PM who supports Fascism.
  7. You’ve experienced 17 assassination attempts within 6 years and you’ve survived them all.
  8. Your girlfriend’s name is Eva, and her last name is Braun.
  9. Your job title is “Fürer of Germany”.
  10. Your political ideology caused a war that brought death to over 40 000 000 people.

I think I’m starting to like these lists.


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