A hardcore game is hardcore.

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Just for LULz, Random facts and WTFs

There is a relatively old long-term Russian drinking game called “The Submarine”.

It has to be played in a house with a group of people (minimum 3, but the more the better), who are on holidays and able to sacrifice a few days of their time. It’s also important to select people appropriately, so there would be no chance of someone saying “Okay, f*ck this sh*t” and leaving in the middle of the process, otherwise it could lead to an epic fail for everyone.

You have to buy lots and lots of alcohol and a fair amount of food. All the basic house supplies, such as toilet paper, should be stocked up in advance too.

You have to disconnect the Internet and eliminate the access to any kind of TV and radio. All participants must turn off their cell phones and other devices that might be used for communication with the outer world.

You lock all the doors from the inside (this game would work better if there is a door that can be locked with a key, which then should be hidden or given to a trustworthy person) and block all the incoming daylight by putting thick sheets on all the windows.

When everything is set, you and your friends start drinking until you pass out. When people wake up, they must start drinking again until they lose their consciousness (they could also play some other drinking games along the way). These activities should repeat continuously in cycles until the house runs out of alcohol supply.

It’s important to note that not everyone will have their cycles synchronized, so there is always a chance of waking up with some drawings on your face, or even worse.

When you finally run out of alcohol, and everyone is sobering up, people should start guessing what date and time of the day it is. Some bets could be made at this point. When everyone has made their best guess, unlock the house and check for the answer. The person whose guess is the closest to the truth wins.


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