Newtonian Physics is so mainstream.

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Just for LULz, Random facts and WTFs

Here is an interesting question that you can use to troll your high school Science/Physics teacher.

The train is moving with a velocity of 40 km/h. A person on the roof of that train is walking forward (in the direction of travelling) with a velocity of 5 km/h. So, this person’s velocity, in relation to a steady observer, is 45 km/h (because velocity of that train (40 km/h) + velocity of that person (5 km/h) would give a sum of 45km/h).  That’s pretty straightforward.

Now, imagine that a steady observer is shooting a beam of light that travels with the velocity of 299 792 458 m/s (approximately 3.904×10^8 km/h). A second person, who happens to be on the train, which moves at 40 km/h, is doing the same thing. Will the second beam of light travel 40 km/h faster than the beam of light shot by a steady observer? Will it actually exceed the speed of light itself? :)

Give this problem to someone to think about. The LOLs are guaranteed :)

Warning: This troll will fail if a person, whom you decided to troll, is familiar with the theory of general relativity.


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