How to wash a cat.

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Animals, Just for LULz, Random facts and WTFs

I think many of you have already seen this wonderful video:


I’ll definitively try to do this to my cat.

I mean, I’ve done this before (I always grab Mars this way and throw him outside when I catch him stealing food in the kitchen), but I never realized that it’s actually a deactivating reflex!

Hmmm.. This method might be useful in washing cats. Though, I don’t think it is even necessary to wash cats. I only washed mine once, when he caught some skin parasites.

He was a kitten back then.

Giving him a bath was a hard thing to do. It’s not a big secret that domestic cats hate water (because it screws with their protective layer of fat, which is located just under their coat). If only I knew about this way of neutralizing him back then…

Anyway, there is another method you, my dear cat lovers, can try when you want to wash your pet.

Pour some anti-flea shampoo into the toilet, throw your cat in and close the lid cover. Your cat will try to get out, moving and splashing water everywhere within the closed space, getting rid of all the dirt and skin parasites. After 3 minutes, just flush the toiled 2 times to wash all the shampoo away, and let your animal out. The cat is now clean.

Easy and effective.


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