Issues with midnight snacks.

Posted: September 20, 2011 in ChDV's life, Just for LULz

I’ve been practicing abusive eating before going to sleep every single night for the last week, or so.

When I come home from Uni (or work), I grab everything eatable I can find in the kitchen, I bring it to my room and start consuming it in bed, while watching something on my computer. Macaroni, pizza, garlic bread, tea, apples, oranges. Everything goes in within 15-20 minutes. Then I go back to the kitchen and get more food, and everything begins again. The cycle continues till I become completely exhausted and fall asleep.

I can’t blame myself for such behavior. That’s what my imaginary dietitians prescribed… Hmm.. well, to be honest, I often get this feeling that they weren’t actually addressing these diet instructions to me :/.

I’m so confused.


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