Random SMS Trivia blog challenge.

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Just for LULz, Random SMS Trivia

I think many of you still remember the 30-day blog challenges, which were popular among Tumblr and Facebook users about 6 months ago. You were giving 30 topics (1 for each of the 30 days), and you had to write a short reflection for each of them within 1 month.

I’ve decided to do something similar, but, instead of normal topic lists created specifically for this purpouse, I’ll be using the topics given to me by the people who participate in my Random SMS Triva.

I give you my word that I’ll be writing posts for every single suggestion received, making at least one post each day. Of course, some of the topics people suggested are way too silly to be discussed here, so I’ll try to use them as a starting point to write about things that relate to these suggestions. So, instead of an essay on the ways people sniff pies, I would rather be writing something about olfactory system, or food, or mental disorders that are relevant to the issue. It will really depend on my mood and how busy I am at the moment of working on the post.

I created a new category, “Random SMS Trivia” (see the panel on the left-hand side), in which I’ll be posting everything related to the project in this blog.

By the way, my dear Ramdom SMS Subscribers, it’s not too late to reply to my last text to suggest a topic. I’ll take it as a challenge ;)

So, yeah…

Hope this will be fun.


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