The Refugee Crisis and Pseudo-Humanism

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Uncategorized
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This post is probably going to make many of you pissed and angry, but, to hell with it. Someone should say these things anyway, sooner or later.

This refuge crisis… We’ve all seen these terrible images of people drowning, dead kids being washed ashore, poor Syrians fleeing the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the civil war and the rise of ISIS in the region, all these debates about how we have to hold to the higher moral standards, showing compassion towards these poor refugees, being humanistic, and stuff. Well, how about discussing the root causes of this crisis and thinking of the ways to avoid fucking it up even worse?

Syria used to be a nice, secular and stable place four years ago until the United States government began supporting the Al Qaeda-affiliated radicals in their effort to overthrow president Assad. Libya used to be one of the most prosperous countries on the continent, with its leader, Gaddafi, having a vision of the economically united Africa. Until the US and NATO bombed it back to the Stone Age, allowing the president to be beaten up to death in public by barbarians. And I’m not even mentioning the 2003 Invasion of Iraq (it was based on a pretext that Saddam Husain was possessing the weapons of mass destructions; turned out to be a lie), which destroyed the country with all of its security services, making it a perfect breeding ground for various extremist organisations. The responsibility on the current refuge crisis lies on the US foreign policy makers and those who supported it almost entirely. The mainstream media, of course, doesn’t talk about that.

Some still argue that those were the totalitarian dictators that were killing their own people, that they should have been ousted, etc, etc (although I’m pretty certain that most of the accusations made against them is nothing more than made up propaganda BS, same as with the Saddam’s WMD). Well, brining them down didn’t fucking help the situation, did it?

Back in 2011, when American and NATO chiefs were planning airstrikes against the Libyan government and doing their strategic risk assessments, didn’t they predict that the refugees would begin flooding Europe in the aftermath? I find it hard to believe. If they knew that this is likely to happen, why the fuck did they proceed with their aggressive military campaign anyway? Well, I can understand the US doing it, their neocons seek to maintain the US world hegemony, and, therefore, they always try to undermine all the other perspective geopolitical competitors, be it China or EU, but what about the European NATO analysts who were sanctioning this shit? What kind of irresponsible, moronic psychopath do you have to be to allow such stuff to happen?

As for solving the Islamic State problem, I’ve been saying it for long that the best way to do it is to stop fucking with the Syrian government, allowing it to focus on fighting these scum. I don’t see how the US training “moderate Syrian rebels” (thus further fuelling the civil war) is going to help anyone (by the way, many of these, so called, “moderate rebels” end up joining ISIS):

Yeah, let’s support the rebels, so they could overthrow the Syrian government, and let’s bomb the government forces who oppose them! Such a brilliant idea! Worked so well in Libya!
Oh, and let’s blame Russia and China for supporting Assad (who is also supported by the majority of Syrians, by the way), making it look like it’s them who fuel the crisis. The brainless sheepple/zombies will swallow anything:

As for the refugees themselves, to me it appears beyond idiotic to thoughtlessly accept anyone who comes as a refugee. Yes, there are people who are fleeing the war zones, yes, there are people who truly need help and support, but you simply can’t ignore the fact that there is also a very significant number of people who are simply pretending to be Syrian to get the benefits of the welfare state. There are thousands of people coming from all the other, relatively stable regions (some even from the sub-Saharan Africa) who seek to exploit the crisis to get free money from the states that accept the refugees. By blending in, those people make it harder for actual Syrians who flee from the war zones to get in. Plus, most of these opportunists are young, healthy men, who would benefit their own economies if they had stayed in their home countries and worked there.

Those who are running for their lives should be helped now, for sure (since the West has fucked up the situating in their home countries to such degree), but it’s also necessary to be more selective and try to do the background check on the people who are coming in, to make sure that they are not imposters (with such large numbers coming in, I struggle to think of the ways to do it properly).

You can hear the argument that these refuges will provide the workforce and improve the economies of the host countries. Well, I can’t really see it working that way, considering the current unemployment rates in Germany and other EU countries. And, once again, many of those people who sneak into Europe now aren’t even true refugees fleeing the war zones. Many of them simply pretend to be Syrian or Libyan with an intent to live lazy parasitic lifestyle off welfare payments in the host countries, thus, depleting the state budget and worsening the economic recession.

As a result, the situation will escalate, the refugees will be blamed, racial/ethnic tensions will grow, radical movements will gain momentum in Europe (we’ve seen shit like this happening in Germany after the WWI), ethnic minorities will consolidate in response, forming hostile communities (you wouldn’t be able to socially integrate all the newcomers at such rates). It’s going to be a mess.

But, apparently, raising these concerns somehow makes you inhumane and/or racists.

Maybe it’s time to pull your head out of your ass and start thinking on how to solve all these issues constructively and holistically, without relying on emotional propaganda?

Oh, by the way, since you’re all compassionate, humanistic, caring and so easily moved by the media pictures of dead children, I think I would not do wrong if I’ll show you this:

Here is more images of dead children for you:

Those are the images from Eastern Ukraine/Novorossia. The deaths are the results of the indiscriminate shelling and bombing of the civilian areas done by the Kiev forces against their (former) provinces.
A case of Gorlovka, for instance:
Here is the list of kids who died because of the shelling in that one town alone (use Google translate if you can’t read Russian):

Civilians and kids have been dying there for the last 18 months, but, since the assault of the region is being done by the regime that acts within the interests of the United States, nobody gives a fuck.

Seriously, people, once again, the general discourse about the current refuge crisis demonstrates that society thinks what they are being told to think through the mainstream media.
That’s just pathetic and deeply, deeply sad.

You can now call me names in the comments below.


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